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EXOsode 0022: How to train your puppyeol feat. Chansoo


EXOsode 0022: How to train your puppyeol feat. Chansoo


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  • Question: Hello Eden! I've been following you for a little bit and I adore your outfits. I'm a little on the chubby side and I've never really figured out how to dress myself nicely or fashionably even though I'm already in college. I practically live in jeans and tshirts even though I adore the glory of dresses and shorts and so forth. Can you give me any advice on how to dress myself? - keo-pi
  • Answer:


    Hello !

    I totally understand your problem. I do admit that I’m quite lazy with fashion when I have to go to only one class and it’s 7 in the morning, and the sun isn’t up yet, there’s no coffee left and the hot water ran out.

    I’m exaggerating, but I understand.

    I think you should give purpose to your fashion. Some people that like fashion don’t make the effort because it takes time, it’s not always practical, it’s not “the right day”, etc… We all feel like that sometimes, so the key is to be motivated.

    Motivation can be anything.

    "I’m going to my favorite coffee shop after school and I want to look pretty", "I want to leave a good impression on that teacher by dressing nicely", "I want to be taken seriously", "I want to show my creative side",…

    Whatever your motivation is, it is fine, but it will bring you to dress better. I said in a previous post that fashion is a way to market yourself. It is true. You are basically trying to sell yourself to the world. I’m not going to go on about the good and bad sides of fashion, but you should essentially think : “How do I want the world to see me?”

    If it’s that regular chick that wears jeans and t-shirts, it’s fine. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to walk to school in heels. If it’s not that…maybe you should try something else ?

    I’m going to add something here.

    • I said fashion is a marketing device, that you should “sell” yourself
    • I said that you should think : “How do I want the world to see me?”

    My answer is that you should sell yourself as who you are, and you should want to make the world see you as who you are. Fashion is actually a great way to figure yourself out, what is the “me” image.

    Although fashion can also be used to project an image and make you seem like something you are not (and tbh, it’s a fun thing to do, I can elaborate on that if you want), I wouldn’t recommend that on a daily basis. It’s very easy to use fashion as a way to disguise what you are or feel but learning to be yourself, to literally be good “in your own shoes” is great.

    You need to figure it out for yourself.

    You probably also need to find your confidence. It happens that people don’t make the effort because “it doesn’t fit me”, “I would look ridiculous”, “it’s too original”, blahblahblah. We all know that song right ? So here’s a few things you need to know :

    • People are as self-absorbed as you are. I’m not being mean, we all are. We all sing that little song to ourself and no one is actually paying attention to your shoes.
    • People end up not caring at all. People you see on a regular basis will probably tell you the first time you meet “oh you changed your hair”, and that’s it. They most likely won’t give you a real opinion anyway except for your closest friends.
    • You end up not caring. After a while of change, people you meet again for the first time might notice the change but you’ll get so use to it that you’ll wonder what they are talking about.
    • If you walk with your head up and own it, people will automatically think “It’s a little original but she totally owns it”. It’s good to have a little “I don’t give a shit about the world” attitude when it comes to style. As long as it doesn’t mean you go wearing PJ’s to school because you don’t give a shit, that’s just blasphemy.

    Even if you don’t go “original”, just own it. If it’s the “me” style, you’ll end up not caring and the world will just get used to you.

    So : Motivation + Me + Confidence = Good Style !

    I hope it helped !


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Outfit inspired by: Rain "La Song" MV.


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See the Imgur album for all the screenshots.

In the last two minutes of episode 20 and in the first minutes of episode 21 the Special Operation Squad (aka: Eren, Auruo, Petra, Erd and Gunther) is set on the wrong track by an unknown, hooded figure. Now, you MAY think that the person sidetracking Levi’s Squad is Annie, the Female Giant.

But it’s not.

I watched this scene frame by frame and took some of them. Here’s my point.

1 - The body form is definitely masculine.

2 - The hands look masculine too.

3 - Flat chest. No sign of boobs.

4 - Annie’s skin is very pale, while this person has a olive skin.

5 - He’s wearing an orange sweater. Annie is never shown on screen with an orange sweater. She has a white hoodie.

6 - The nose. THAT ISN’T ANNIE’S NOSE.

So, who is the guy that kills Gunther and disappears right before the Female Titan comes back and kills the SO Squad? He’s very talented at the 3DMG. He’s wearing a Survey Corps Cape in disguise. He appears on screen while both Erwin and Armin are giving a speech about some people who saw Eren’s transformation being infiltrated in the Survey Corps.

Who is he?

And, most important, are those freckles that I’m seeing on his cheeks in the fifth image?

Yes, in case you were wondering, my bet is on Marco. I think he’s alive, I think he was a titan shifter. And trust me, I’m not saying this because I hate him. I love Marco, a lot. I just need him to be alive.

I’m probably crazy.

Wow I really like your theory and want to help with proving it by answering a couple questions that are bringing up doubt

"If Marco is Alive who was the Corpse Jean found?"

Well I went back and saw Marco was wearing a collared shirt the day he “died” When the body was found, there was no collar



No Collar:

image(In the manga too)

imageSo, since he probably didn’t change, Marco has got himself a doppleganger. Think I’m crazy?

imageLook behing Sasha’s Ponytail, I even circled him for you, and look, a V-Neck Shirt!

"Why did Annie have Marco’s gear if he was still alive and using 3DMG?"

Well, it’s pretty obvious that killing took skill, might I remind you this person took out Gunther, a member of the special ops team, both Marco and Annie were in the top 10, so both of them could’ve done it. Whoever did it, had to kill someone, ggain, either of them could’ve done it, but in the last episode, Annie seemed like she was going crazy, which is understandable, she had killed people, and in Titan form you can’t have an emotional break down. Marco on the other hand, has a steel trap mind. When they were in the elevator with guns trying to distract the titans, Marco was keeping everyone calm. When Daz started freaking out about the plan to reconquer Trost, Marco remained calm and tried to quiet him. Out of all of them, the one who would most likely be able to carry on the mission and kill somone if they had to, would be Marco.

I love Marco and I hope that this clears things up. I really hope that it’s true, but I don’t know maybe we’re all crazy

"Why did Annie have Marco’s gear if he was still alive and using 3DMG?"

Maybe because Marco was using Annie’s gear. Just think about it and remember this:

BY TWO O MORE. That means that who killed the titans was Annie and at least another one. If Annie had Marco’s gear, and Bertholdt and Reiner (the other titans) passed the revision, it’s because they didn’t kill the titans, sooo another one helped Annie. And look at this:

where is marco equipment? If he was killed by the titans while he was fighting, why doesn’t he have isr swords?

Even though that guy in the roof still have his sword in his hand…

It looks like someone took off his things (dunno how are they called) where are the blades and the gear. But, for me, it seems that Marco was the other who killed Hanji’s titan, and he used Annie’s gear while Annie was using his gear. 

Also, I guess that Gunter is killed inside the forest, where the female titan was captured, but Bertholdt (and Reiner) where in the edge of the forest with the rest of the people

I’m not saying they where in the same branch or something like that, but they were near at least. It would be strange if one of them just disapear into the forest and someone would noticed it.

Bonus: look at this lil shits, like a gang of betrayers.

If I left my mind fly, Marco is the leader (he was called “a natural leader”) of them. Also, in the snk wiki you can see the meaning of their names, and it’s important in some ways because most of them fits very well the person, but Marco name means “Messenger from the God of War”…accurate? 

Now that you have read all this post you can say that I’m crazy. Thank you.

sorry for the mistakes but my English sucks



I should consider THIS the definitely ‘Marco-is-alive’ theory

So for all the people who told me not to consider the anime, please take a look at all this stuff. There’s anime screencap, manga pages, lot of valid arguments and the more I read it the more I think we’re right.

Please, Isayama. PLEASE.

One last thing, for the people telling me ‘why there wasn’t smoke if Marco was regenerating?’: Reiner got biten by a titan in one chapter and there was no sign of smoke so maybe thay can keep it in and wait to regenerate their injures, so maybe Marco waited for Jean to leave

We never see his body being moved to the pyre after all


I consider him as the titan squad leader too, because of his skills.


I’m okay with him being a traitor as long as he’s alive.

That gif was actually edited, his right leg does not move, however all these above theories are very logical and believable.

i also believe that’s not Marco’s body because as shown in these images (i googled them so you know i didn’t edit any) 



something’s missing



That’s right the freckles

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my favorite scene

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You think Isayama is a little shit for creating and canonizing the LevixPetra ship AFTER Petra died

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(He likes to keep them you know ~~)

Odg these two

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